Scott Bourquin Answers “What is SEO for Small Business”

If you are asking “What is SEO for small business?”, you are not alone.  Scott gets the question almost daily as he is out in the field shooting videos and meeting with clients.  

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.  Most people think of it as the only thing that makes a business online successful.  At BG Marketing, we have split our business into several pieces so you can select your marketing as you need and as your budget allows. We have one site for website hosting, another for SEO services, another for video services.  Some businesses need help with one service, some with all services, it’s your choice.

In this video Scott explains the questions you should be asking and why if you decide to pay someone to handle SEO or online marketing for you.  He also covers a few big tips and tricks.  If you want to get more tips like this we have the shorter “marketing minute” videos and more “Success On the Beach” Videos like this as often as we get the time.

The Success On The Beach Video series is published a few times each year as Scott finds the same question being asked by a large group of business owners or people that want to enjoy financial freedom.

Don’t throw money at an SEO company until you know where it is going and what that does for you and your business.  Don’t ask “What is SEO for small business?”, ask “What does your SEO program do for my business?”

Just like the “Easy Guide to Online Marketing” he wrote, Scott is taking the time to make SEO easy for you.

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Success On The Beach Video Series – What is SEO for Small Business?