Website management made easy?  I bet you are thinking “Yeah right”.  Well I bet you are managing your own website too.   Are those “Quick and Easy” website templates turning out to be not so easy? Well the good news is there is an easy solution.

The promise of technology, specifically Software as a Service or SaaS, is that our lives will be easier and we can save money. At first this might seem true but Scott Bourquin of the Bourquin Group tells us that “For years our business has been putting the human element back in where technology isn’t quite there. Websites and email management are one of those areas. Big companies have a CIO and an IT department. Small and even some medium businesses can’t afford that, so we want to help them be competitive”.

When Simple and Easy Isn’t.

While the fancy commercials (that you pay for by the way) promise that any one can build a “professional looking” website in minutes, what they aren’t saying is that you still don’t get a true professional website. They are being honest that it just “looks” professional. More importantly you don’t get professional website management. If you are lucky you can call for help and get a human after hours of being on hold. Your website might be your first impression, so the big question is this. What impression are you making? Everything about your website should be congruent with your business and don’t forget your email. How professional is it if you have a good looking website and send email from a free email account. And remember, those free email accounts are allowed to scan your email and market to you and your customers. How is that good?

Your Virtual CIO

With virtual CIO services, you get a real person that can help you build your online presence without taking all of your time from your customers according to Scott. Plans are based on the size of your business and can be changed at any time. More importantly he says that all of the plans do not have a contract. “If we don’t earn your business, we shouldn’t get paid for it” adds Scott.

If you feel like you can’t keep up with your website needs or if you just have questions about how to run your online presence better you can learn more at The Bourquin Group Website. As your company grows your technology and online needs will grow, shouldn’t you have a pro on your side?

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