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While it is true that mobile has become the majority, it doesn’t mean you will stay connected.   Mobile apps have a 50% better engagement rate than websites alone.  Can you afford not to have one?

Recent Projects

Some of our custom mobile apps are internal projects, others are external for clients to help them stay better connected to their customers.  The interface may be your actual product if your app is that compelling.  We build using SwiftUI for iOS and Flutter for Android, to insure maximum compatibility among devices.

Pizza Time (Custom App)

A simple order app with a secret back door notification system (opt in of course) helped a pizza restaurant end its quiet Tuesday nights.  The free app gave $1 off all orders bypassing other service and notifications for better deals on slow nights packed the house daily.  Instead of letting the big brand apps send their customers somewhere else, the chain was able to keep them coming back without showing them the competition.

Hey Bartender My Drink Order Icon

My Drink Order

Trying to order a drink in a noisy bar or get the waiters attention in a busy restaurant can be a frustrating.  Don’t yell “Hey Bartender”, with My Drink Order, just  Flash It!  Available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store!

Custom branded beverage versions are available.  Email or Call us for more information.

Fan2Field App Icon


Our internally created system that allows anyone to cheer for a game from anywhere.   The younger sibling to our Fan2Stage product.

Fan2Stage Icon


Our solution to home studio shows that need audience feedback. If you perform in a small studio you need Fan2Stage.

Three Blades

A POS and reservation system for private clubs and restaurants.  After a client realized that another reservation system was taking his clients to another restaurant, we built Three Blades.

DOTC Quick Change

An app for a company to allow employees to quickly check in when needed during work surges.  

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Getting your custom app started is this easy, just tell us about your business and customers and we will do the heavy lifting.


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