The Bourquin Group LLC

The Bourquin Group LLC

The Bourquin Group.

Since 1970 The Bourquin Group has been serving small to medium sized businesses in Southern California. The primary focus is and always has been connecting customers to those small businesses.

In the early days, writing ad copy, creating product photos and catalogs were the core of the business. Over time as the next generation stepped up, video and social marketing became the buzzwords of the day. While the core concepts of connecting with customers hasn’t changed, the tools and capabilities have. As the world gets more competitive, it becomes more important to make sure your business isn’t lost in the noise.

Today the Bourquin Group uses video, social and live streaming in order to help keep clients going and growing. Internally, we offer video production services for live and interview videos that are to be used to reach an audience on the internet or one of our streaming channels. We also have two other brands with a dedicated focus on specific products outside of online presence and marketing. If you want your business to be found and you want a better way to connect with customers, give us a call.

ArtSurf Productions – Complete Video Production to help you with your digital reach.
Explainer Videos
Hosted Expert Videos
Online Commercials
Streaming Event Services

Custom PhotoCraft - Since 1970

Custom PhotoCraft – Founded in 1970 Custom PhotoCraft became part of the Bourquin Group in 2018 when Scott’s uncle retired.  Kelly Bourquin now runs Custom PhotoCraft as part of the Bourquin Group.

CoolToys TV – A hosted show about all the toys that Scott finds for the business and while helping other businesses. Scott reviews products and creates videos that can be used to increase traffic for online stores.

Fan2Stage – Our virtual Audience System, created to bring the live audience into live streamed events without distracting the hosts. Now a separate company. Fan2Field Version for live youth sports coming soon.