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Mobile Apps

Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is simple, and in that simplicity is an unexpected elegance.  Mobile apps are a a great way to stay connected in ways we never could before.  Beyond social media, our apps fit the CoolToys mantra of making life better.  We started with Fan2Stage, making it easier to host live shows remotely without the distraction of chat boxes and texts while keeping the energy of a live audience.

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CoolToys® TV

CoolToys TV is hosted by Scott and is about all of the toys he buys that make is wife crazy.  Some are simple things that make life better, other things are crazy cars or another surfboard.  How many are enough?  As Scott says “Just one more.”  What is your “CoolToy”?  Check out CoolToys on YouTube or CoolToys.TV

Connecting People.

The Bourquin Group partners with investors to develop businesses that connect people.  Our focus is not just about entertainment but rather on the real connections that make us human no matter how far apart we are sometimes.

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Finding A Connection

Before the pandemic lockdowns the world was changing.  Staying connected was already becoming difficult.  Our goal is to help make it easier.


Our online magazines and podcast channels keep people connected to whatever it is they call home.  From the coast at BeachStreetNews to the silos of farm country, we keep people connected.


Inspired by the lifestyle of early California and the freedom it represented, our brands embody that culture while it evolves into our modern world.


With team leaders in Southern California, the Bourquin Group team spans the globe.  We are always looking to develop new projects that keep people connected.

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