Fan2Stage and F2S are Virtual Audience Servers for everyone.


Virtual Audience For Live Performance


If you have tried to livestream a show or would like, you should consider F2S or Fan2Stage. Both are virtual audience servers. As an artist you know there is nothing like fan feedback. As a fan you know that half of the fun is being part of the energy at the show.

With a Virtual Audience Server© like Fan2Stage® or F2S.Live you can add the energy of a live show into your livestream. Our patent pending technology allows fans to join the show via an app. No more reading the little Q&A window to see how your show is going. Fan feedback that is live, realtime and real.

Get Creative – Get Real Feedback

As a performing artist you get both audio and visual feedback from your fans in real time. Isn’t that a big part of why you decided to become an artist? Without fans, what is the point?





Fan2Stage is designed to work with any livestream service however some services have some latency problems.  We have a list here. You don’t need another video service and we didn’t want to create one. What we wanted and what we created was the ability for artists and fans to stay connected in socially distant times. 









The two additional benefits of the system are studio security, no reason to pre screen people, and no worries of children being scared by naked people in a shared video stream. Second you can add to your audience even after you go back to live shows with a live audience. Fan2Stage can be instead of a live audience or in addition too! It is your choice, but the show must go on!

 Bourquin Group managing partner Scott Bourquin is also the host of the Small Business Marketing Minute and COOLTOYS® TV. It is because of those shows that he decided there needed to be a better way.


Coming Soon – Fan2Field.  Just for live sports!