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In 1970 the first generation of our family started out creating full color catalogs, logos and glossy brochures to help business connect with customers.  Beginning in the 1990’s, we became a full service digital agency that helped you build a better user experience online and offline.  


Nearly 10 years before Google existed if you wanted to grow your business it meant you needed a computer.  Imagine that, just a computer.   Cell phones were the size of a loaf of bread, and people were just discovering that you didn’t need a fax.


Today the Bourquin Group’s focus in on apps that help business, and make life easier.  We first created Fan2Stage so that anyone anywhere can have a live audience that is anywhere else.  If you need an app, give us a try.

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Two Generations of Building Successful Businesses

Custom Photocraft Since 1970
TeleData Enterptises Since 1985
Combined and re-imagined in 2009

Changing Gears in 2022

Before the internet there were glossy photos and magazines to catch the eye of potential customers.  Rich Ryder was a pioneer in the catalog and mail order helping brands with logos, mail order catalogs and product development.

As the world of the internet expanded and then Al Gore invented it, TeleData became an Internic registrar.  This let TeleData create domain names for its customers.  Admittedly TeleData was sitting on the next boom and completely missed it.  TeleData didn’t buy a single domain name on speculation.  

There were less than 10,000 registered domains in existence in 1998.  Today that many are added every week. Becoming a registrar took one step out of the process for the customer.  TeleData could instal the computers, network and set up your domain name for e-mail and eventually a website.  We would show you pictures but our cameras still used film then.

If you wanted to grow your business in the early part of the 90’s, you needed computers and eventually a website and an email address that doesn’t end in  As the popularity of websites expanded and being a networked office became standard, TeleData was acquired by one of it’s largest equipment vendors.

For 2022, we are taking all of the lessons of our family history and moving forward with  a few changes.  SEO is gone, and we are focusing on our internal projects and mobile apps.  While this might look like a major shift, it is not a “re-invention”, just a minor evolution. 

Marketing Advice

Have an in house team? Want a second opinion, we do that too.

Mobile Apps

Do you need a better way to connect with your customers?  Maybe you need your own mobile app.

Our Beginning

In 2009, the second generation of the family went to work.  The Bourquin Group was created to buy back what little was left of TeleData after the buyers ran it into the ground.  Custom Photocraft was added when Rich Ryder decided to retire.

The Bourquin Group isn’t Customr Photocraft of TeleData.  It is the best of the two brought together by the original family to continue to improve the secret sauce.

The Bourquin Group has one job, to make the user experience the best that it can be.  On the tex side we call this the UX.  We are now starting to apply the same philosophy to the offline and onsite businesses.  It’s a big challenge to win over a swipe and deliver customer.

Today building a clean website isn’t enough.  A website is no longer an online brochure, it is the main connection to your customers.  The website has to tell your story and connect you to your customers. Since 2008, the Bourquin Group has grown and been divided into separate divisions which makes it easier for our business to help you grow your business.

The Bourquin Group only focuses on creation of marketing content both online and offline.  The biggest shift in the recent decade was our addition of video services.  Paradise Landing Productions is our full service video production company. The reason we broke out our service ala carte is simple.  We don’t want to be tied to any one customer, and our customers shouldn’t be locked into us if we don’t earn the business.

 We don’t want our customers to feel like we are the only choice.  If there is a better copywriter out there, our customers have the freedom to purchase copy from them.  If they find a production studio closer to their office, they can choose them. At the Bourquin Group, we offer a full range of services because “Our business is helping you grow your business with a better experience”© 

Recognized Industry Experts 

Some of our clients have been with us nearly 30 years.  Even our competition seeks our opinion at industry events.  

Signature Process

With over twenty years of experience in the internet space, we have found ways to keep our customers ahead of the compeition that worked then and work now.

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