Moving Forward isn’t easy

We all feel more comfortable doing what we always do.  Routine is a “safe” thing for most people.  Many of my coaches and mentors say the same thing.

Get Uncomfortable

They say something like “Being comfortable is a dangerous place to be.  It leaves you vulnerable.”  This is true on so many levels.  Thankfully I am not one to sit still and didn’t grow up with a “routine” life.  Dinner at 6 never happened in my house.
For the past 18 months, I have been watching the landscape of SEO shift.  Customers are becoming loyal again and not in the way you would expect.  They want to be treated like they are the only ones that matter and if you do that, you win.

SEO is AI Now

SEO can’t do that very well any more.  Yes SEO is important but for most of our clients they can do a better job for less in house or using the SEO services of thier hosting provider like ionos.  We can not compete with the AI running thier SEO programs and local search programs, nor should we.  So we sold off that portion of the businss this week.
One of the interesting aspects is the explosion of dedicated apps.  A club I belong too was having walk ins from an app trying to list available reservations even though it was a private club.  An app solved the problem and made the members feel more in charge.
The same turned out to be true for many businesses.  Instead of trying to get thousands of followers, readers and subscribers to get a handfull of customers, they reach out to customers.  People who will never be your customer won’t download your app.  Why tweet out 1/2 price pizza slices to the whole country, when you can send a notification to your best customers?

Mobile Apps Connect People

Moving forward for our business, we looked at the fun we were having and where we were still relevant and making a difference.  CoolToys was almost derailed by a lengthy and expensive legal battle.  Now that it is over, CoolToys is one of the most impactful tools we have.
Following CoolToys® is Fan2Stage®.  An app we created and patented when we could not have a live audience.  Live shows are conference calls so we made an app that works.  It turned out it had other far reaching applications so we are expanding the developtment teams and seeking investor partners.
This is all new territory for us and it is very uncomfortable at times as some of this is new uncharted business territory.  We are truly moving forward, so what is your next adventure and do you need an app for that?

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