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When you build a marketing budget for small business the numbers can get muddy. Are coupons and free giveaways part of that budget? You bet. Is employee training part of it? It should be. Your employees are the number one factor in customer retention.

Asking the Question, “What do you do?” might sound funny or obvious to most business owners.  The truth is that it isn’t.  Business is very simple. Provide a service and/or a product people need and do it at a price that is below the value they feel like they are receiving and you have a ..
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You Can Create A Marketing Automation Machine and Automate Sales!   Creating a Marketing Machine and automating your sales is like building any other system. The core  determines if the thing will make it. Imagine a new computer with a 1984 core processor.  It would be worse than it was then! If the foundation of ..
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The iPad as a POS system has changed the game for small business.  Long before Google existed we were installing computer networks and small change point of sale (aka POS) systems for retail stores and fast food restaurants.  Back then a single micros cash register could cost over $10,000.  No you aren’t reading that wrong. ..
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In two weeks I head out of the country for , and like most areas in Southern California, homeless people are moving in quickly so I wanted to finish the alarm portion of my ELK M1 installation.  I got on the SmartHome website and ordered the last four door sensors.  Instead I received someone else’s order.  Instead of being able to just run by the warehouse and give back what I didn’t order and pick up the correct items I spent 45 minutes on the phone with “Ryan” in India.  

Personally, I cancelled my Tesla order for another Chevy Volt.  The Second Generation Volt is a great car.  We just didn’t give it a CoolToys approved stamp because it wasn’t that much better than everything else out there.