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A POS for Pizza?

Pizza is different.  Because of that we created the Three Blades ® POS system specifically for pizza restaurants.  Wine and Beer modules are also available.  

The Three Blades partnership can go beyond a POS.  We offer a complete package that includes online marketing for your pizza restaurant.  We even offer partnership opportunities to tap into our massive online following with our other apps and online channels.  

You keep your brand and have the reach of the big names.


Feb 24, 2022
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If you opened an independant pizza restaurant but would have liked a little more help, Three Blades ® might be just the right ticket.

Three Blades lets you keep your brand while getting the reach and training of our brand.  We put our stamp on it so you can put your stamp on it!

Growing a business is tough, doing it on your own is even tougher.  With Three Blades® POS for Pizza, you get more than just a POS.  You get to tap into the knowledge of successful restaurantuers around the country.  

Sell Three Blades

You also get the famous Three Blades pizza recipies and we don’t sell to your local competition.  Just like the Mantra at BG, we can’t make everyone number one, so we only take on one.  That means you don’t have to worry about anothe pizza shop locally taking order for a Three Blades Pizza.  When you join the BG family with Three Blades POS, we treat you like family.

Quality Control

All Three Blades Partners are monitored for quality control.  The BG social media group will monitor and reach out on social media if something isn’t right.  

All of our reciepes are tested in our flagship kitchens in California.  

People Like Comfort

Many years ago a pizza chain came to us for some marketing help.  It turned out there was a much bigger issue.  The experience of the restaurant changed every day.  No one knew what to expect.  If your pizza place was called “Crazy Days” Pizza maybe you could get away with it.

With Three Blades, you keep your experience and have the option to add gourmet pizzas to your menu. It can even be a “hidden” menu only available to customers that sign up and allow you to send them marketing materials.

Better POS + Better Pizza = Better Business.

If you would like more information, please email or call us.

Scott Bourquin

Scott Bourquin is the founder of the Bourquin Group, and has been helping businesses design a better user experience since 1990 when he finished his degree in Business IRM at San Jose State.

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