Moving Forward isn’t easy




We all feel more comfortable doing what we always do.  Getting Fan2Stage out of testing and in front of real artists and industry players would scare most people out of thier minds.

Get Uncomfortable

Walking into the NAMM show this year was very uncomfortable at first.  It was the first time I was going on my own, not as a guest of a major industry player.  I was clearly at the bottom of the food chain representing my small startup.
For the past 24 plus months, I have been watching the landscape of live shows and while I thought live streaming would die once the pandemic opened up I was wrong.  It has doubled since and all without hearing from a single fan.  This is amazing to me as an actor and performer because fans make the show better.

Live Fans for Live Streams Now

At NAMM, podcasting was an up and coming theme.  The regulars were all there, and a lot of new players were trying to join the party.  Black Magic, Mackie, Roku, OBS and others all had some cool decks on display.  Over time we hope to test them all for you over at the Fan2Stage FAQ and Tech notes area.
We also have been testing the super simple way of livestreaming.  One mobile phone for the live show and one for the fans. It works!  Not as good as a deck in studio but it can be done in a pinch.

Looking Forward to NAMM 2025

Creating something new is always a risk.  We spun off a profitable and easy to run business we have had in the family since 1970 to explore this new venture.  Hopefully next year we have a booth at the NAMM show and you can stop by and say hello in person or cheer on our livestream from where ever you are.



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