XF205 Broadcast ready Video Camera

The Business Challenge of Covid-19

The Business Challenge of Covid-19 affects everyone, owner and employee alike. Many American business models are built on razor thin margins and low costs. That model was destroyed by Covid-19. Well sort of. For a big company like Wal-Mart, the model is exactly the same. To cover the new costs associated with Covid-19, the consumer […]

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Be the boss - don't do it yourself

How To Be The Boss

For many years I have heard people say “Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way!”. Running a business requires leadership. If you don’t want to “lead” your business, hire someone that does and follow them. In either case get out of the way of your employees that need to get the work done. Don’t […]

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Tips For Working From Home

Once again Scott is running his business and his wife is running hers from their home. It took a lot of adjustment when his wife stopped leaving each day for her “regular” job. After years of practice they have found a way to make it work for both of them.

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Fix Your Network

In this configuration or the new modeless configuration we use now, the end user would provide the router. Scott uses a Linksys Velop system at home and we have a similar pro system that has a little more carry power in the office. The layout or topology is the same.

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ArtSurf Project Launched

The very first surfers had to first imagine how to make a tree into a surfboard. Artists like Phil Roberts had to imagine how to make a wave pool surf able long before the WSL could have a freshwater open. Phil also makes the trophy’s for that by the way.

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What Do You Do?

Asking the Question, “What do you do?” might sound funny or obvious to most business owners.  The truth is that it isn’t.  Business is very simple. Provide a service and/or a product people need and do it at a price that is below the value they feel like they are receiving and you have a […]

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