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Beach Street News is looking for Student Writers in the Orange Coast College System to write for us.  We want local people who are involved in the Beach Communities of Orange County


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BeachStreet News Since 2011

Taking classes in college is nice, if you are learning about journalism, writing, blogging and building websites, the class is great but how about going one step further.

The Real Deal

Since 2011 Beach Street News has been growing an audience that loves the beach life and wants to protect it.  If you want to add real world experience to your resume, we have openings for writers and wordpress managers.

You will work with real world editors that understand how search engines work, what articles create traffic, and you’ll get help and support to build your own site if you want to go that direction.

Team Building

Watching how a remote team works and is managed in the real world isn’t something they can teach in college or AP high school classes.  If your instructors will accept the work, we will work with them to verify what you have done and what areas you are working in.

What we are looking for.

Beach Street News is looking for self motivated individuals that love the freedom and lifestyle of SoCal.  Some work will be assigned, other topics will be guided by your class requirements and your interest in the community.  Love politics?  Write about what city councils are doing.  Love Surfing, Write about surf.  Love building websites, help manage websites with real traffic and real issues.  

What you get.

Real world experience on a ranked lifestyle e-zine including full attribution for your work.  Coaching on how to build your brand even when writing for someone else.  How to find paid work as a writer or photographer.  How to build your own business in the gig economy and why you should do that.

email interest to ap@bourquingroup.com


Idea Factory

Get ideas and learn how to brainstorm outside of a classroom.  Learn to think on your feet.

Team Building

Meet students from other campuses and disciplines you might have never met that can help you  

Work Remotely

Since we want you to be out there as a real part of the beach life, much of the work is remote, the training is one on one though.

Want to Learn More?

We have a regular newletter, online videos and a podcast with marketing tips and tricks that won’t cost you anything but your name and email address.