CoolToys, The Show About Cool Toys!

We have renamed our web show about Cool Toys from Tech-Tach-Dough to CoolToys.  Why?  Because everyone likes Cool Toys and nobody likes Lame Toys and lets be honest, Tech-Tach-Doh wasn’t exactly meme worthy.

Every Episode we go out and find some CoolToy technology, car or other gadget and put it through the ringer.  Some will be CoolToys, some won’t.

For the pilot episode adding a cool toy to our Jeep JK, we called the show Tech-Tach-Dough.  Yeah we get it, we missed the mark on that one, You don’t surf the net for cool toys and search for Tech-Tach-Dough. That name is gone.  That is why we A-B test all of our client ads and videos.  We hit 50,000 views with that first video and the number #2 Question was “What is Tech-Tach-Dough”.   Sometimes a great idea in the war room turns out to be mud and a couple of glasses of wine might lead to the winner.  That is the marketing business folks.

Now that Season One is done, we learned a lot and we are looking for bigger and better CoolToys.  To be cool enough of a toy for CoolToys, we decided on 4 simple rules.

  1. 1. It must be cool enough of a toy that your wife won’t let you have it or thinks it is crazy juvenile like an 800 hp Ford Raptor or another surfboard.
  2. 2. If it is so cool after you get one your neighbors start buying them, it is a CoolToy.  When the first Chevy Volt rolled into the CoolToys Garage, another three showed up on the block within weeks.  When we swapped it for the second Chevy Volt, not one other upgrade.  Gen II isn’t CoolToy.

3. It can’t already be somewhat mainstream or have it’s own TV show like drone racing.  So last year ain’t cool and isn’t a CoolToy.

4. If it is a Jeep and you added at least four major upgrades, yup that’s a CoolToy.  We are looking for a dealer that wants to sell a CoolToys edition, and like ours, it must have LED Halo headlights, LED taillights, tinted windows (yeah we know they don’t mean nuthin…) and either have two more major upgrades or be a Sahara or Rubicon with two glam upgrades.

And then our editor stepped in and added the Rob Dias Rule:

5. If it is a one of a kind experience in something that is a CoolToy then it can take a run for it .  If you think of one call us and we’ll try it out.  Driving Tanks? The World’s Fastest Go-Kart? Stock Cars? Zip lining with Monkeys?


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