Owners Play harder because they work harder

For most of my life I have worked. At least I think I have worked. My friends call me the CoolToys guy because I get to play with all the Cool Toys. I stopped working for big companies so that I could fly jets in the Air Force Reserves and control my work schedule and income. That led to getting to fly some really cool private planes and driving some cool cars

For many years, I billed on an hourly rate, so when I wanted to make money, I simply hustled up some work.  That made me nothing more than a part time employee for a lot of people.

Owner or Employee (or owner with a job)

Before we get too far there are two things that seperate owners from employees. 


First is the ability to hustle. When you own the business you must be able to ask for money and do it without shame. If you left your old job to to the exact same work cheaper, you just made yourself a new job. Some call this a lifestyle owner. I call this stupid. If you can’t or don’t want to hustle for money don’t own a business.

Recently I was approached with a great idea for a new entertainment business. The problem was the guy didn’t have the money to execute. I said, “Go get it.” His response was “I have nothing to offer”. The sad part is that the business was a great opportunity to “bootstrap”. He could have started it with his laptop and printer.

Working from Home


Second is the ability to lead. If you can click that link there is more detail on my companies website in a blog post I wrote there. I won’t waste your time with it here and it will be included in a class or a video here. 

Yes, I still run my regular business in addition to the Owners Play training programs. There are two leadership areas I see business owners fail in. First is the misinterpretation of Lead, Follow or Get Out Of the Way. No where in that mantra is “move let me do it.”. That is a lesson it took me years to accept.


The other area business owners fail in leadership is training. Well this is a combination of sales and training that loops back to the hustle. 

When I started my home theater business, I went to the best classes and quickly moved to the top of the list as a designer and installer of high end home theater and automation gear. The problem was I would go out and sell those skills. Since no one else had those skills, I could not replace myself or grow the company. 

Eventually I learned to sell the skills of my employees and grow them over time. Yes, many have gone on to start their own companies or moved into better jobs, but that is leadership. Some of my employees have been with me 15 years now. Some clients over 20. Clients don’t care what you can do if you are too busy to help them or deliver your personal “it” thing.

By learning to sell the skills of the employees, they stay engaged, like their job and come back to work. When you over sell, it stresses them out trying to keep their job when they know they can’t do it.

Can’t Afford Business School?

The Owners Play Coaching is all about learning to find that balance where employees are challenged but not beaten. This is the foundation in any business that allows an owner to step out and go play.