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Small Business Marketing Minute – Unload the Accumu-Later

Early in my computer programming career I learned the term LDA which stood for Load the Accumulator.  Many years later my secretary asked me what to do with a bill and I said “Toss it on the Accumulator”.  I was thinking in computer terms and she laughed and said “When they call, how much later?”.  

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Small Business Marketing Minute – Video Marketing – Can You Afford Not Too?

 Small Business Marketing Minute – Video Marketing If you think you can’t afford Video Marketing, think again.  Maybe you can’t afford not too use video marketing.  Scott shows you how to quickly get started to make quality videos your customers will want to see. In addition to basic online marketing programs like SEO, PPC, […]

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Small Business Marketing Minute Day Off

 Happy Presidents Day from the Small Business Marketing Minute.  Presidents day is a day we are supposed to take off to celebrate the birth of our founding father George Washington and the Republican Abraham Lincoln who is best known for correcting the wrong of slavery. Thinking today was a “holiday” I didn’t have anything […]

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XF205 Broadcast ready Video Camera

The Business Challenge of Covid-19

The Business Challenge of Covid-19 affects everyone, owner and employee alike. Many American business models are built on razor thin margins and low costs. That model was destroyed by Covid-19. Well sort of. For a big company like Wal-Mart, the model is exactly the same. To cover the new costs associated with Covid-19, the consumer […]

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