Website Security – SSL

Website Security was a hot button at Google last year and now that even the credit bureaus have been hacked, website security is front and center on the small business stage.

Do you know if your website is secure? Do your customers feel safe giving you their information? Take a minute to find out how you can improve your online marketing with an SSL certificate. IF you think you have an SSL certificate Scott Bourquin will show you how you can quickly check to make sure you are getting what you paid for.

Its already hard enough to get found in organic search as a small business, don’t make it more difficult by having Google flag your website for not being secure. Most website hosting companies have plans for small business to add a security certificate for under $100. But is that enough? The certificate needs to be “installed”, so even if you paid for it, you need to ask, “Does Google see it?”

The checkup to find out if your website is secure and has a valid SSL certificate is simple and Scott covers it in this video. In less than three minutes you will know exactly how to check and what to look for. Thanks for watching.