Local SEO Can Help Customers Find You!

SEO and Online marketing can make or break a small business.  Today, over 60 percent of all Americans own and use a smart phone regularly and the number is growing every day.  Siri, Alexa and Google all use similar voice and search technology to help those smart phone people find businesses just like yours.

Many online marketing plans don’t have a local SEO program.  As the world goes mobile, local programs are more critical than ever.

But I have an SEO plan, don’t I?…

But what if they aren’t finding your business?

The Online Matrifecta is SEO – Listings and Video.  In that order.  Simply put if your website isn’t search and user friendly, then having good listings and video is a waste of money.

SEO Plans aren’t the same.

Just because you have an “seo plan” it doesn’t mean customers can find you.  Here is a free checklist to get you started.  Without the right foundation you can’t build a house right?  You need windows and doors too don’t you?  In the world of online marketing each piece builds on the other.  Miss a piece and you have part of a home that no one wants.

Checking up on your website is easy, but takes some time.  Here are the SEO biggies:

1. Are you mobile ready?  Check here with Google Mobile Test.

2. Is your site easy to read and are you clear on what SEO for Smart Phone Marketing With BG Marketingyou do?

hint: Ask someone you have never met in a coffee shop to look at your site and tell you what you do.  Overly complicated sites turn people off.  Specialties win.

3. Is your site too nice?

hint: Are great graphics and background video distracting viewers, or slowing down their phones?

4.  Check Your Listings Here Free!

5. Build Content and Get an SEO Plan.

6. Go Pro With Video!

7. Get Our Follow Up Superstar© Program and keep them coming back!

Follow Up SuperStar Program is only for existing customers and is offered only after your website and local cleanup has been running for at least 90 days.  Otherwise following up to give customers to your competition is a waste of your money.  If your current SEO vendor is doing a good job and your website passes our checkup, then you can apply to get on the Follow Up SuperStar© program.