CoolToys Studio One - Quarantstream starts here.

Scott is Quarantined so he is hosting a QuarantStream daily at 12:00pm until he can run outside again. He calls being Quarantined and hosting a live stream Quarantstreaming. This is filmed live at the CoolToys Studio and is just Scott and a Camera. No editors, and you can log in on CoolToys.TV and ask questions.

Each Quarantstream Video he will cover different topics related to his companies and how you can use those tools and lessons to grow your company. Unless someone asks about CoolToys® of course and then he might get sidetracked.

If you don’t ask questions he might just talk about cars, surfing, skiing or anything else he can’t do while cooped up with his wife. Oh yeah, Kelly Bourquin is also stuck with him, and she can’t go outside and shoot photographs either.

Day 3: March 21, 2020 – WordPress – Free Websites – SEO – Branding

Scott talks about the arc from the first CoolToys® blog in 2007 and the first Tech Talk Article in Tech Living Magazine in 2006 and how that led to CoolToys TV. How the websites were built, the brands build and growing the brand to the next level. Free Yoast link he mentioned – Click Here – if it isn’t free, not our fault.

To watch live or see other days, click here to go to the QuarantStream Page at CoolToys.TV.