If you think you are being scammed it might be phishing.

Do you think you’re getting phished? Email phishing hurts you and your business. Scammers, send out a real (-ish) looking email, you click the fake link, and now the scammer has information from your computer or they might’ve added a virus to your computer either way. They’re getting into your secure information.

Scammers might also act like they’re from your business. The process is very simple. It sad how easy this is. In fact, if you have a computer at home or at your office, a scammer can send you an email. And all you’ve got to do is click the. Then they win. They’ll get your information or they’ll get a virus on your computer.

The first test for phishing is to ask, what is the return email address? How you do this. When you look at the email, just click on the from line and you’ll see that Mrs. Katherine Pascal is actually Emco1234@gmail.com probably fake. I don’t think I really want a free gift card here. So don’t click.

Now scammers have figured out that people are getting smarter and checking who the email came from to see if it looks legitimate. So they’ve set up shop to look legitimate. The from email, in fact can be real. It can be spoofed from a legitimate company like ours. They can use CoolToysTV and appear to send out from CoolToys.TV, hoping you click it.

It says it’s from press@CoolToys.TV. And if you reply, it will actually come to us. And that’s how we know we’re being used as a phishing scam. Recently, one of the scams said there was a $99 blowout on surf boards and a lot of people bought them. They never got them. So even if the real email address is there, it can be fishing.

So let’s go on to check number two. The second thing to do is to check the link. Many browsers allow you to right. Click the link so you can see where it’s actually going. When you do that. In our example, from cool toys, TV, you want a gift card, click here. If you right click to see it without actually opening it, you’ll notice that it goes to cool toys, TV, which looks legit, but then it’s got some crazy address after, and they’re reaching in your wallet and stealing your money.

So once, you know, it looks like a scam, or if you think it’s a scam, when in doubt, don’t click call the company directly or delete the email, you might even forward it to them to let them know they’re being used as a scam. Now, if you want more information, message us or check it out at BourquinGroup.com, there’s more videos coming up.

Thanks for watching this one. And if you’ve got more questions, let us know.