Business Introduction Videos can make a big difference in any business if they are done right.

Videos have long been used by corporations to promote their newest additions, new positions, and to give their current employees a behind the scene look into what the company is all about. It has also become a very popular tool for public speakers to give information about their career highlights and as an internal training tool. So why do so few businesses use video to connect with customers?

Marketing or Training

When you make a training video, the audience is someone captive. Many companies even have a test at the end to insure that the employees paid attention. Business introduction videos don’t have that advantage. All of the rules and pitfalls of marketing surround videos that try to reach out to new customers. If the video is poorly done it can be a huge waste of time and money. Worse yet, bad videos can send your customers to the competition.

Any B2C designed video needs to be audience centric. The video isn’t about your business, it is about how your business makes your customers lives better. If the title and first 10 seconds don’t get them hooked, the rest of the video gets ignored. There is only one test, and that is how many customers buy after seeing a video.

Online Marketing Kings

The best online marketers use videos to tell a story. I have seen some of these guys talk about essentially nothing, and brag about their great life. The hook is telling the viewers that they too can live this great life they see in the video. At the end of the video you are hungry for more. The best marketers leave you so hungry you will open your wallet to watch more videos.

Everyone can use video to grow thier business. We once had the owner of a restaurant talk about how his grandmother inspired his dishes. We started the video with a great hook “Do you miss grandma’s cooking? If it wasn’t so good it makes you hungry thinking about it, let me tell you about my grandma’s cooking.”. At the end of the script, he reeled them in with “If you miss grandma’s cooking, come in, you’ll swear she is working in our kitchen”.

The first time I walked into the restaurant, it was empty at 6 pm on a Thursday. Within months the place was booked weeks in advance Tuesday-Sunday.

What is Your Story?

Before we every shoot a video for a customer, we spend time learning about the business and the customers. Every gym has a different set of customers. This isn’t by accident. Every wine club has a different set of members. Some people might belong to more than one wine club, but they also fit the profile at both clubs. We start by learning what sets your business and your customers apart.

If you think it’s time to add video marketing to your online presence, give us a call today.