What Do You Do?

Asking the Question, “What do you do?” might sound funny or obvious to most business owners.  The truth is that it isn’t.  Business is very simple. Provide a service and/or a product people need and do it at a price that is below the value they feel like they are receiving and you have a great business.  It is amazing how many business owners don’t fully understand this concept.

What do you do? We do Online Marketing

We Do Online Marketing, What Do You Do?

This is different than the questions he covers when he talks about the most important aspects of business success.  It is also different than when he talks about the “Secrets of success“.

Scott Bourquin is the Founding Partner of the Bourquin Group and editor of Beach Street News. In this video he talks about how to really look at what you do in your business.  If you want to learn more, check out the Small Business Marketing Minute Series.  Yes we renamed it.  Sometimes Scott would shoot two or three a week so “Monday” didn’t make sense.