If you need to livestream an event, we might have a solution for you.

Live-streaming an event can quickly become a daunting task. Especially if you are part of the event. While there are some great live-streaming setups like the Mevo, it is still better if someone manages it and watches the video for you. Sometimes the most important part of the live stream is the audio. If people can’t hear what is going on, they tune out.

We have been producing live stream shows like CoolToys TV and Beach Street News for several years. This experience can be a big benefit to your live stream events. We have live-streamed graduations for medical programs and weddings in addition to our own shows and events.

Rent and Run Solutions.

The bare minimums to Live Stream an Event

When you need to make sure that your livestream looks like it matters, we can help. We have everything from single camera web video systems to Television studio and cinema grade cameras. We can livestream your event in HD and in some cases 4K UHD.

Just because you only have a small venue for the dream wedding, milestone birthday party or graduation doesn’t mean you can’t invite everyone. All of our packages include a private event with feedback from the Fan2Stage virtual audience system at no extra charge. Even virtual guests can cheer when the big moment comes!

Cost Effective Live Streaming

When you have just one big event, yes you can go out and buy all the gear. You might even get it to work in time and get a live stream channel all set up and paid for. Is it worth it for just one event? Not Always. Sometimes it makes sense to hire a live streaming company just like you hire a wedding photographer. The gear is different and the way the process works is different. Live streaming is live. Yes you can fix the final shots later, but during the show, you get what you get, so you want to get it right.

If you want to know more about live streaming at event you can call or email for more information