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After using several platforms to try and help clients build a virtual event, we found limitations with all of them. So we built our own. Fan2Stage.

The one thing that is missing from any live stream is fan feedback. If you have an online meeting with fifty guests, all those little screens and the noise don’t make sense. You can try to use the “chat” box, but quite frankly it just doesn’t work. While we were creating season three of COOLTOYS® TV the hosts needed to hear from the audience in a way that improved the show. The chat box and online typed in Q&A just don’t work for a small live streamed production.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has likely changed how we perceive and participate in live entertainment forever. Some of that is good, some is bad. The Virtual Audience Server we created for COOLTOYS was such a hit that we decided to make two versions. One for big studios that could host their own server and a cloud based version that anyone can afford.

Using a simple app that is free on the app store, fans can applaud, cheer, and even boo if they want. That feedback makes the show better in every way. If you are at home and want to connect with your fans get Fan2Stage or try the cloud version F2S.