How To Make Your Own Videos

KühlToys Behind the Scenes I from Kühl Toys on Vimeo.

The two big changes this year for website are video and SSL.  If you haven’t added a SSL certificate to your website, your ability to be found on Google, Yahoo and Bing starts to drop significantly.  All of our customers were automatically upgraded as soon as Google dropped the announcement in our in box.  If your hosting company hasn’t done this for you, call us or sign up at FireRock.Online for a new account and make sure you get the SSL option.

Video is the next thing.  If you aren’t creating videos for your business, you need too be doing that.  We created Paradise Landing Productions as a separate business to help our clients to create the best videos on a budget.  To make sure we were keeping on top of the latest changes, we added a video segment to and our own web series KühlToys.  Using those two programs we learn more about what people are looking for in video.

Even if you don’t have a business big enough to hire a video production company you should still be making videos and this one will help show you how little you actually need to get started.

For now watch the video, and look for our next course that will include how to make great videos on your own.