Scott discusses his personal goal setting system that he uses to make sure he gets his goals set each year. You might have read about his goal setting system in one of his books, or maybe a blog article, and here it is on video. Scott discusses exactly what he and his wife have done for the past 10 years to make sure that each year is better than the one before it.

Welcome to 2019 – Are You Ready To Make It Your Best Year Yet? from Beach Street News on Vimeo.

In the video Scott shows you the whiteboard system he created that helps Scott and his wife, photographer Kelly Bourquin, make sure they get their goals set. The white board goal system helps them figure out what is important each year. Since things change you might visit the whiteboard mid year and make some adjustments. Monthly date nights are on the final product but didn’t make the video, what will be on your whiteboard when your 2019 goals are set?