If you want your online ads to work, If you want more profitable customers from each ad dollar you spend, if you want more money, and more business from your marketing then stop doing what isn’t working and pay close attention to the secrets below.

Dear Business Owner,

Most people started a business to make more money and work less. Is this you? You probably thought the other guy was living the good life, or maybe even it was your boss. But are you just working yourself to the bone knowing that “next year will be better”?

Do you want a profitable online marketing campaign. Does it look like way to much work? It is too confusing? Did you start a campaign online and the bills just kept getting bigger and the phone didn’t ring?

Have you become your business? Is your marketing plan working, has it consumed you to the point you can’t get any “work” done?

It is time to be honest about your business and

As Dr. Phil likes to say “How is that working for you?”

Are you trapped by your marketing program? Ask yourself these questions and be honest:

“I can’t stand to look at one more keyword suggestion.
“I don’t know if I should use Social Media or Search.”
“I don’t know the difference between Local and Mobile Marketing, do I even need this.”
“Writing ads takes so much time and I have no idea what people really click.”
“Online advertising fells just like a scam to get more and more of my money.”
“I hate doing all of this, can’t someone just make it easy for me, Can’t I find someone affordable to do it for me?”

Remember, when other people tell you that the work you do now is the price you pay for the future, look at who is talking to you. Have they built a solid business? Are they where you want to be? Probably not.

When people tell you that the internet is the key to business success these days they are right, the problem most people don’t know how to properly build a business let alone use the internet to build a business.

I have built businesses and helped many others do the same. If you don’t have a business yet, this is not the place to start. If you have a business that is stressing you out, keep reading.

Did you start your business to work less and live the good life, or to make sure you had something to do every waking hour?

I bet you are wondering-

“How come some business owners are never at their office?”
“Why are other business owners taking three hour lunches and I haven’t had lunch in a month?”
“How come I hear people talking about making millions on the internet, and I am just spending more every time I log in?”
“How can I fix this?”

Most people that start a business start by charging people for doing a JOB they already knew how to do. They don’t start a business. Even some franchises teach you how to make a sandwich, but they don’t teach you how to build a business.

Doing a task and running a business are very separate things. Even a truly custom business like art or architecture has a set of processes and grows to function without the owner living and breathing it every second.

Not to say that is a bad thing, If you do live and breath your business and set it up right, you just get the rewards faster.

Are you ready to get your online marketing program going in the right direction?

The reality is that the internet changes everyday. The good news is the rules of business don’t. Building a multi-million dollar business does require some internet savvy, so doing it on your own could take years to figure out.

The number of choices for advertising and marketing on the internet are growing every day.

I want to show you the right way to start out and grow your online marketing program. There is no “overnight” success on the internet. The guys you read about took years of trial and error before they became an “overnight success.

The good news is, I have the experience so your business can skip years of trial and error. Think of the time and money you won’t be wasting on ads that don’t work.

Building a business takes enough work, trying to do all of the online marketing or make decisions for the “agencies” that just sell space is likely a problem that just takes too much of your time.

You know you need to to it, but you just don’t know how to do it right. I do, and I am here to help you!

You can’t just advertise your way to wealth.

If all it took to become wealthy was putting some ads on the internet everyone would do it. Most people and businesses advertise online because they think they “have to”. They have no idea where the money goes or why.

Maybe they log in to “analyze” what is happening and none of the numbers really make sense. All they see are “missed opportunities”.

The first secret to internet marketing is that wide nets don’t work. When you are ready to accept the truth that not everyone will be your customer, then you understand that advertising to everyone is money wasted.

“Of the small businesses that fail, 90% do so because of a lack of skills and knowledge on the part of the owner.” – Dunn and Bradstreet

90% fail not because they didn’t work hard or know their task in the business, but because they lacked skills. Skills like online marketing.

Even if you have a business, if it isn’t growing like you would like it to, you are probably the person that is limiting your business growth.

You probably don’t realize that you are the bottle neck to growth in your business.

Do you feel frustrated all the time.
Do you wonder why you don’t have more money

Do you feel like you are working non-stop and not getting anywhere
Do you feel like there “just isn’t any work?”

If any of these are how you feel in your business, you are likely the bottleneck. You are trying to do to many things that you just can’t possibly have all the skills for.

When you need something done, who do you call, a specialist or a “jack of all trades”? Who does the better job? When you try to do all of the jobs in your business, and take care of all of the outside services, it is no wonder your business is stalled right where it is.

Do you feel like the harder you try to push, the less progress you make?

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way!

I can take one of those tasks off your plate today and get your online marketing going in the right direction.

Fixing your online marketing won’t fix everything in your business but it is a really good start. If you are serious about building a great long term business that doesn’t kill you, you have to start somewhere. Why not start here at online marketing?

You Can Reach More Customers for Less Money Online Than Any Other Method of Advertising. Let Me Show You How…

What I am about to show you are how some of the strategies in our proprietary online marketing programs work, and how we have taken small businesses just like yours right to the next level without any more “work” on your part.

Working the same amount or even less and having more customers and making more money is what you are trying to do isn’t it?

You’ll discover..

A quick start method even if you don’t yet have a website.
The fastest and easiest way for the right customers to find you

How to avoid the mistakes your competitors are making
How to stop throwing money away and start “investing” in your internet presence
How to profit regardless of competition
Simple methods to build your business off line as a result of what you learn online.

The best strategies to identify the right customers for your business
Methods to spend less on infrastructure and technology and still give your customers the best online experience in your market.
How to create a 24×7 salesperson online.

You Will Discover The Correct Way To Build Your Internet Presence For Long Term Success In Your Business

You’ll quickly see why so many businesses just keep spending more for worse results

You’ll understand why businesses really only have two choices, growth or slow death

Why mastering speed in growing your business is so critical online
Why it is so important to have metrics for all of your marketing activities (Hint, this is how you know which things work, and which things don’t.)

Why knowing your metrics is a critical aspect of the make more-work less formula you need to get that time off you want

You’ll understand where Facebook can really help or hurt your business
You’ll learn why online marketing is growing at triple digit rates and print media is shrinking

How a blog can help your business, and how we can do it for you
How to manage online expectations to help your business grow to the mulit-million dollar empire you set out to create.

My Program Will Help Your Business. It Will Help You Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want, AND What They Think They Are Getting.


Metrics and Feedback.

What sets my program apart is the experience my team has both online and offline. We have built businesses just like yours. We know exactly what to look for in your metrics and can give you real feedback to make a real change in your business.

Are You Ready?
If you are ready to really grow your business then now is the time to take the first step. Get your online marketing working for you now!

I have put together a special package to get 2012 off on the right foot for you. In fact I have taken out the normal first month set up fees for you making this one of the lowest priced and highest performing programs you can get period.

Here is what you get in my Internet Presence Program.

Website Review – We will do a complete scrub of the internet and show you exactly where you stand today in terms of traffic, reviews and internet “authority”. Even if you don’t have a website you might have a lot of information about your business out there that you don’t even know about. If you don’t have a website, I’ll put up a quick one just so you have something out there to start with.

Mobile Website – We’ll create a mobile website with landing pages for your ads making it easier and less expensive to reach the growing number of people using smart phones to search the internet.

Professionally Managed Ads – My team will create ads for you and monitor them regularly. When we find ads that work we’ll put more of them out there, and ads that don’t will be removed, keeping online the best ads working for you.

Professional Feedback – You will get a monthly report from me that shows you exactly how your ads have performed, and how your new customers are reaching you. You will get suggestions of changes to the business. If any negative information appears online, we’ll notify you immediately and work with you to get it corrected.

Monthly Over View Course – Each month, I’ll put up a 15 minute video on a private site just for my customers to highlight what is happening online. I’ll cover the changes that affect your business and internet presence and tell you how to take advantage of those changes before your competition knows they happened.

SEO Management – We will highlight 10 keyword phrases related to your business and build a targeted SEO or Search Engine Optimization program for your business.

Facebook Page Management – My team will build a Facebook page for you if you don’t have one and send you weekly tips of things to post to build your fan base. I’ll help you build a fan base with posts, mentions and other tips your customers are looking for.

Blog Management – You will get a blog related to your niche, with one monthly post, and weekly tips to help you find ideas for more posts.

Our program builds a complete internet presence making your business The Authority in your niche making your business the go to business.

Get started today.


Package Options

These packages are discounted up to 20% off of our normal rates and eliminate the set up fees for new customers.
The Advanced SEO Pak Complete Pak is normally $3897/month, and includes our 10 Keyword Advanced SEO package, PPC Ad Management Package, Local Business Listing program and $1000 of online advertising. This aggressive program is meant to get you connecting with customers immediately, and continue to grow your business over time.

The Advanced SEO pak is normally $2940 per month and includes everything except the $1000 in ad credits.

The Starter Pak is normally $1499 and includes our Basic SEO and LBLO programs for businesses that want to manage their own online ad program.