M4 – The Customer Experience

What is Your Customer Experience?


The Customer Experience was taken to a whole new level after World War II by two men. Today some of the most successful businesses are growing because of the experience. Every company has two levels of customer experience. There is one experience with the product, and another with your business. The more important of the two customer experience levels according to Scott is the Customer Experience with the business itself.

Scott openly admits that the customer experience with his own company is a little lacking. How do you give a customer a great experience when there is no office, no fancy meeting rooms, and run a virtual company?

In todays video Scott covers a little about the two pioneers of the customer experience.

You’ll also get to see a little of the customer experience as Scott tries out the new MEVO camera and compares it to the old Canon Handycam.  If you go back to older videos you will notice the Canon Handicap makes Scott look a little thinner, and the MEVO makes him look a little bigger.  The lens on the MEVO is a very wide angle lens, and the closer you get the “wider” you will appear.

Customer Experience View Marriot Hawaii

Is This Your Customer Experience?

Since the MEVO is designed to be about twice the distance for interviews, we don’t think the Customer Experience will normally be this way.  Scott just chose to use the MEVO up close to match the framing of the Canon HandyCam.

Look for the full video on Customer Experience coming soon.