Local SEO and More!

The Bourquin Group was founded with a simple goal in mind.  Help our customers get more business.  What does that mean?  It means more income in less time by working smarter, not harder for our customers.

A complete Internet Presence Requires Many Pieces To Complete The Puzzle

What is a “Local SEO Company” anyway? A local SEO company is a company that helps local businesses.  Even though the Bourquin Group is based in Reno Nevada for low overhead, we help companies across the USA.  The “local” means that your business is a brick and mortar business and you serve a local area like Cake Tahoe or TruSpeed.  It doesn’t mean you don’t ship everywhere, it just means your primary business are people that come to your office or you go to them.  That is the customer Local SEO reaches out and grabs for you.

At the core of the Bourquin Group is our Local SEO or Search Engine Optimization services.  We start here because if people can’t find you on the internet or on mobile devices, you may as well not exist.

Our services are designed to help small businesses, less than five locations and less than $50,000,000 in gross sales annually.  If you are bigger than that, you need to bring your SEO work in house, and for that we offer one on one consulting and a review program.

In addition to Local SEO, The Bourquin Group offers PPC, PPM advertising management services, ad writing, copywriting, PR services and more.  The Bourquin Group owns several online properties such as the popular e-zone Beach Street News where our customers can advertise, post press releases and spread the word about their business.

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Don’t Miss Out On Mobile Customers

If you want to make your small business more profitable, and spend less time working on it, you’ve come to the right place to get started.

Why SEO?  Quite frankly, the world wants your customers.  Middle men want your profits.  The only way to protect your business is to get your name in front of the customer first.  Lead Generation companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their ad in front of your clients.  Why?  They want to charge you $25-$1000 per lead.  Don’t pay people who don’t work for you.

Why The Bourquin Group for your SEO and small business marketing?  Simply put, we don’t work for your competition.  We only take one local business per geographic area.  The big name SEO companies will take everyone they can, and charge you more because your competition is paying more.  At the Bourquin Group, we only work for you.

Finally we offer online training courses for start up businesses and owners who want to know exactly what we are doing, and we own Easy Guide Books too.