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Local Listing Service – Mobile Connect Marketing

Are Your Customers Not Finding Your Business on Smart Phones?

Local Listing is included with our Mobile Connect Marketing© plans because it is so critical to connecting to mobile customers.  But first you need a mobile friendly site.  This is an easy test courtesy of Google.  Just click here for the Google Mobile Friendly Test.

Smart Phone Local Listing

Local Listing with Mobile Connect Marketing

The Google Mobile Friendly Test will look at your website as if it was a smart phone or mobile device and score your website.  It will even give you tips to fix it.  No time to fix it?  Call Us at 949-272-0611 or send us an email with your information and we’ll tell you exactly what we can do to help.

Once your site is Mobile Friendly, it needs to be correctly listed on directory sites.  There are nearly 100 sites that Google and Bing consider with deciding if a website is real or a squatter.

All of our SEO and Mobile Connect Marketing© packages include Local Listing Services.

What is Local Listing Service for Business?

To begin with, there are over 80 websites that  the major search engines trust to make sure they are presenting real websites for real businesses that their users can trust.

This step is critical to keeping your business in front of mobile smart phone users.  Check out our December Video Newsletter for more about how important smart phones are to small and medium businesses.

The big key is having all of those websites and directories agree on the details about your business and like address, phone numbers and believe it or not, the keywords.  We used to do this manually and it could cost upwards of $900 a month.  Now, instead of posting all of this information to 80 websites by hand, we have created a one stop solution for you.

Now when you have a monthly special, instead of one or two sites that you have accounts on, we can post it to 80+ different websites, you post your changes to our portal and  have it automatically go to each of those 80+ local search directories.  This is a massive time saver and it is now just $299 a month for the first year and $199 per month the second year.  Pay for the whole year up front and get almost two months FREE!

Siri, Google and Alexa not finding your business? It might be your local listings.  That’s how they work too!

Even if you don’t have a website, you can use the local listing service with just a Facebook Page. Don’t have a Facebook Page? We’ll set it up for you as part of the local listing service included FREE!

Not sure yet?  Get a FREE Local Listing Analysis – Go to our Scan Tool, Enter your business information.  No calls, no hassles and we’ll never sell your data.

Get Your Local Listing and Mobile Connect Marketing© Started Right Now!

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