Just a Little Change Each Day For Better Business

From Scott’s Blog

As a business owner, it is sometimes hard to sit down and read a book.  Most of the business owners I work with try to read something that helps their business and they don’t always get through it.  The chapters are too long or they just run out of time.

Over the weekend I sat down with a book that had very short chapters.  Most of them three pages, four if they had a cartoon included.  This is an easy book to keep on your desk and read just one chapter each day before you start work.
 The Daily Drucker was the first book I read this way.  Before that I had used Benjamin Franklins method for self improvement.  Not to the letter, but the same plan.  Each week I would work on just one thing.  Ben Franklin created four personal resolutions, and from those thirteen virtues.  He would work on one virtue each week.
As a business coach this method works  very well when the students take it to heart.  Sometimes they want to fix everything now.  All that does is teach us the habit of failure.  The Daily Drucker was the longer course with simpler lessons.  The truth is I usually only did two or three “daily” items each week.  I think I needed more work than Drucker expected.
Harvey Mackay just released a new book that was recommended to me by one of my coaches.  Yes, the business coach has a coach, several in fact.
The new book is only 331 pages but has 84 chapters.  having that many chapters means that each one is a short easy read.  Mackay says that he hopes you don’t read the book.  He hopes you dog ear it, write in it and highlight it among other things.  I bought the digital version, and ended up writing a lot of notes.
I blazed through the book in a weekend and now that I have had a little time to digest it, I have ordered the hard copy, and suggest you do to.  It isn’t expensive and if you use it, it will pay for itself in a matter of days.  If it doesn’t call me, lets find out why.

Harvey’s new book, The Mackay MBA of Selling In The Real World, if a book everyone should read, if you want to live a better life.  I would suggest just one chapter a day, and spend the day practicing the lesson.  Better yet, use the Ben Franklin method of one chapter per week and really put the lesson to work.

If you own a business, The Daily Drucker should be next on your reading list.

Now that the reviews are in and the final edits finished for “So, Now What?” I am holding a re-title/cover design contest.  See if you can beat the pros.   The creator of the chosen cover and title will WIN A NEW iPad and of course credit for the work. Any takers?

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