Fix Your Network

The days being able to fix your network is a valuable a skill as any. While manufacturers work to make the process easier and more reliable, computers are still an imperfect machine that connect to an imperfect system.

Before Scott re-acquired parts of TeleData, he had already been transitioning from hardware to website management and SEO. The irony of course if that if your network doesn’t work, who cares about the website. Generally speaking networks consist of four different parts. One of them, a modem of some type normally connects your home or office to your ISP.

For years these modems have been a point of contention between the service provider and the end user. Because of the lack of reliability, the modem tended to be the point of failure. At our offices, we no longer have a modem. The provider gives us an ethernet connection directly to their backbone and we set up a router to manage our side of the system

Fix Your Network, start here with the router
Combi Router/Modem/WiFi HotSpot

Now some of you might be a little confused because many modems also have a router built in like the one in the photo. If you go to the electronics store, you could buy a very efficient cable modem that has a cable port and an ethernet port and that is it. These modems act as a bridge rather than a router.

In this configuration or the new modeless configuration we use now, the end user would provide the router. Scott uses a Linksys Velop system at home and we have a similar pro system that has a little more carry power in the office. The layout or topology is the same.

If you are having issues with your network, 90% of the time it will be with the router. By eliminating the routing feature, our service provider has resolved 90% of the service calls. Now the problem with the router is our problem.

Chances are your network will work fine just by plugging it in. The problem will be the security settings and figuring out how to layout the network. Thats what gets most people into trouble. If you want to learn a little more networking, there is an Easy Guide coming soon.