Do Your Customers Value Your Business?

Do you ever feel like your business can do better and just can’t seem to make it happen?  Business can wear on you every day and it can be hard to step back and find the simple solutions to todays tough business problems.  We know, we have been there ourselves.  And you are in the right place to get some help.

There might be some “tough love” that you need to get out of your own way, and other people are afraid to talk to you about it.  Remember, business is never about you and your great idea.  It is always about your customer, their needs and what they value.  The best lesson you can ever learn in business is to stand in your customers shoes and walk into your business.  It changes everything.  Don’t be you the customer, learn to be your customer the customer.  The perspective is very different, and we’ll help you do that.

One on One –
Our Coaching sessions are one on one sessions with the coach and the owner.  Additional group training for sales and staff is availble when you need that outside viewpoint brought to your team.

Keeping everything in your life and business focused on the goal can take a little help from time to time.  Our coaches can help.

When you just KNOW that you can get more out of your business, and aren’t getting there a coach can help.

Do you feel like your customers and employees don’t value your business.  That disconnect is costing you money.

-We can help with affordable and effective business coaching.

Focused Strategy –  Since the beginnings of written time the same problems have plagued business owners.  You are not alone.  Most of those smiling faces at the chamber of commerce meeting or networking mixer all have the same problems or they wouldn’t be there.  They would be at the beach or home with thier family.

The rules of business have never changed, nor have the rules of marketing. The formula for success in business isn’t anything new, unique or different. The only thing different today are the business opportunities that are out there. The sheer number of business opportunities create a problem within itself. Business owners and leaders see the opportunity everywhere and start grabbing everything they can, only to find out they can’t keep up.  The more they focus on the business, the less they are able to grow the business.   We can help.

When you develop a business strategy, and use that strategy to grow your business, you understand which opportunities will lead to increased success.  Thatbusiness strategy will also help you understand which opportunities will decrease your overall business success. When a business has a clear strategy that is focused on achieving specific goals, the likelihood of business success is several times greater. Businesses that are built strategically are truly a business. They can run for long periods of time without the owner’s input, can you say that about your business?

When you read the statistics about how many small businesses fail and put that together with the number of business owners who are opportunity seekers, always chasing the latest thing, and the number of strategic business owners, the pattern is not hard to detect. There is a reason that certain franchises which are based on a solid strategic plan too far better than franchises hoping to capitalize on some new opportunity. People don’t change, only the opportunity to do. When you build a business strategically, you can quickly see the difference between the opportunities that support your strategy and the opportunities the chisel away at.

Local Focus – The internet reaches around the globe and some businesses will have customers around the globe. With global shipping anyone can sell products world wide. What is your business strategy, local or global.  Can it be both? At The Bourquin Group we understand that 90% of all business is about the people in the business. That means 87% of all consumer business is still conducted locally. Law firms in Oakland California don’t want to spend money advertising to people in Oakland Texas. With the Focused Approach to business and internet marketing, your advertising on the internet is directed at people in your service area. More importantly the Focused Approach puts your marketing in front of the customers that are looking for you. Even in global business, the customers are local somewhere. Can you ever be global without being local?

Business Centric – Customers are looking for your business every day, more specifically they’re looking for the benefits that your business provides. The problem is they don’t know it. Every business has a unique benefit to people that walk in their doors. What is your unique benefit? At The Bourquin Group we work with you to find that unique benefit and focus the business on that benefit. Your internet marketing program will put your unique benefits in front of customers using the internet to search for your business.

Online As A Requirement – Business doesn’t have a choice any more, the phone book isn’t where people go to find businesses. The internet has become the primary choice of anyone looking for a product or service. If your business isn’t represented well you might not exist soon. Being well represented is critical to growth if you depend on new customers.

Focus for Success – Businesses are an extension of their founders vision. This is where many businesses get into real trouble.  The owner focuses on solving his or her problems and not the cusomters problems.  The customers don’t see the value the same way the owner does. As a business owner looking to reach a higher level, your job is to find out what your customers truly value and what problems they need solved.  Then you provide the solution that meets their value requirement.

When a business has a real focus, the business has a truly unique benefit to it’s customers. A focused business knows exactly who it’s customers are. Knowing who your customers are is critical to reaching them in a cost effective manner.

Do it all or Do it right – Our experience in business focus coaching has shown us time and time again that when you reach for customers out side of your core competence, your business is going to lose money. When you stick to doing what you do best, and expand skill set slowly, business grows quickly and more importantly a growth profitably.

Get All The Customers or Get The Right Customers – More than once we have worked with a business that was struggling to survive only to find out the reason was the lack of business focus. The business was so busy trying to get any customer and every customer, it was turning away the right customers without knowing it. Once we completed a complete financial review and found three specific areas that were profitable, a new focus was created for those businesses. Within months the businesses were turned around and running successfully. One was recently purchased by one of their customers.

In another case the business was able to reduce the work hours by 20% while moving from a loss of 2.45% to a net profit of 14%. Servicing everyone is great for a charity, not so great for a business that needs to make a profit to survive. Reduce your stress, find the right customers and enjoy your business.

If you want your business to really fly, call the Bourquin Group today.  775-589-2655