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Do You Video?

With the ever growing popularity of mobile web, video is now the major player.  Whether it is live video like Periscope or Facebook Live, recorded videos on YouTube and Vimeo or just 30 second clips on services like the now defunct vine, video is becoming king.  If you have a small cupcake shop or a multi unit fast food franchise you can use video to highlight your stores.

People want to be “in the know”.  No one wants to be left out.  Video can be one of the best methods to keep your best customers “in the know”.  Web based video information act like informational commercials to educate your customers.  Don’t leave them in the dark.  If you don’t tell them what you are doing, no one will ever now.  You can’t hope that they will just walk in and find out anymore.  Competition is tough.

Videos can be posted on websites, used as additional content on feeder sites and added to newsletters.  If you aren’t sure how to video or you want a slightly more professional product, check out our new production company, Paradise Landing Productions.

At Paradise Landing Productions, we offer broadcast and cinema grade videos for small businesses at a small business price.  If you want your best picture online, do it with video.