Customer Follow Up – How Good Are You?

Customer follow up is a critical element common in all successful businesses.  You might not even realize that the big boys are following up with you.  How you follow up with your customers depends on your business.  If you are a big store, you might send out mailers and coupons to your customers.

Have you ever had someone email you a receipt?  You just gave them a method to follow up.  In todays world follow up is the key to customer loyalty.

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Follow Up and Grow

The real estate world is so bad at follow up and so openly aggressive in marketing that the NAR reports 70% of all new listings go to the first name the seller saw when they decided to sell.  That means that only 30% selected an agent based on other criteria.  Some portion was the agents that followed up.

The agent that sold me my house (and yes I have a real estate license for my own investing), still knows me, the person that sold the house, and keeps in touch twice or three times a year.  The only thing I see from any other agents are spammy emails sent out from the CRM system provided by the local real estate board.

In our business, we reach out and touch every customer twice a month or more.  Some as often as once a week.  If we don’t how do they know for sure that our blog entries are helping their website, or that we even made them?  How would they know that we are doing anything?  The whole point of our business is to simplify the marketing of yours.  If we are really doing our job, you should be interfacing with customers and doing whatever it is that you do to solve a customers problem.

Customer followup is critical to your business and like all marketing it takes a lot of time.  That is where we come in.  Building a customer follow up system that is seamless to your business, and easy to use.  With some of our systems your ads can create customers on their own.

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