ArtSurf Project Launched

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ArtSurf Project Launched

It’s Official, the ArtSurf Project has launched!

After years of creating videos for customers, The Bourquin Group has decided to move to the next level. The ArtSurf Production is documentary about how the world of surfing came to be as we know it.

ArtSurf Productions

ArtSurf Productions was created to produce our first full length documentary. This is different because it won’t have any direct connections to clients, but it is pushing our team to higher levels. Until recently we complied with the HD rules for creating television quality projects for our clients. Now we have UHD equipment to comply with the latest 4k streaming protocols.

The Customer Benefit

The benefit to customers is that you now get the ultimate in video quality available to you. If you make cakes, your cakes will look better, if you are a yoga studio, your studio will feel more real in video. Every aspect of 4k video is better.

Envisioned – The Story of a Culture Imagined by Artists.

Throughout the world people wear t-shirts designed by Artists like Phil Roberts and Rick Rietveld. Phils shirts started in Florida and moved into Ron Jon’s surf shops up and down the east coast and Ricks have been seen around the world.

ArtSurf Productions at HB Art Center with Phil Roberts, Scott Bourquin, Craig Railsback, Vito Trabuco
Day one With Phil Roberts

The very first surfers had to first imagine how to make a tree into a surfboard. Artists like Phil Roberts had to imagine how to make a wave pool surf able long before the WSL could have a freshwater open. Phil also makes the trophy’s for that by the way.

Surfing hasn’t been without its dark moments and when compared to other cultural shifts in the world, surfing has passed the test of time and continues to expand it’s reach and connect more people than ever.

If you want to help with this project, we are fundraising by selling T-shirts and taking donations or producer positions. If you are interested, give us a call. We are working on a sign up for a newsletter. With the newsletter you can keep up and be the first to know when our featured artists release a new design or a limited edition.