Are You Not Advertising Online in Reno? How about $100 to Try from Google?

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Are You Not Advertising Online in Reno? How about $100 to Try from Google?

Do you own a small business in Reno Nevada.  Are you one of the half of all small businesses that doesn’t have a website?  Is your business in Reno part of the group that isn’t online yet or isn’t getting the customers online you know it should?  I have some good news,  Google just sent me a handful of $100 off Adwords coupons to help get your business online.  Now you can start on online marketing and SEO program and get $100 credit towards your Google Adwords Advertising FREE.  Did I say F.R.E.E Reno?

What if you don’t have a website for your Reno Nevada business?  That’s ok.  A website isn’t required.  If you want one, how about 25% off until I run out of the cards?  The Bourquin Group has a basic website package that is just $500 for businesses like yours in Reno.

We all know that the economy in Reno isn’t the greatest right now.  Waiting for it to get better won’t set your business apart.  We all know the Reno Sparks and Tahoe region is a great place to live with great people.  Lets keep it rolling.   Barron’s (March 19, 2012) published an article that housing will bottom out in the next twelve months.  I agree, and  think Reno will be among the first cities to hit bottom.  Right after our famous Nevada neighbor to the south, Las Vegas.  The housing bottom will be part of the business bottom.

Our office in Reno is part of the economy here too, so we want Reno to succeed and therefore we want you to succeed.  Advertising online with a website and Google Adwords isn’t only about getting new customers in Reno, but it is also about keeping in touch with your past customers.  Not every business is having trouble now.  The smart businesses are surviving, and many are even growing.  Yes, growing in this economy.

Spending money on your business right now might not be on the top of your list.  Keep in mind that online advertising and marketing are the least expensive methods in Reno when it comes to reaching customers.   This is something you must consider.  Right now you have a choice, invest in your business and be a leader in the recovery of the Reno economy, or Keep doing the same thing and get the same results.

Call Now 775-589-2655 or drop me an email with your business name and Address and I’ll send you one of these cards.

Maybe you tried online marketing in the past, or your website isn’t bringing in any business.  Here are my first questions.  When you selected the people to build the website for you in Reno, did they know the Reno market?  Were they a Reno Company?  Do they even know business or was it just “a guy” that builds cheap websites?

My family has been serving Reno for over 30 years.  Our SEO and Online Marketing Business in Reno is lead by people who know business, not just web geeks.  Don’t worry, we have those too.  Our customers all over the west have seen 40% to 1200% growth in business.  Much of that growth was rooted in online marketing.

One note up front.  Really good online performance takes three to six months to really get traction.  When a customer makes it past 6 months, they make it for good.  We have had some of the same clients since 1995.  Not many other SEO and online marketing companies can say that.

We can’t take all the credit for the high flying businesses.  All we can do is reach customers in Reno,  Sparks, Lake  Tahoe and Truckee for you.   After that it is up to you.   If you take good care of the customers, then you have created an army helping us help you.  All you need to do is call me or send an e-mail to get started today.

Is it worth a few hundred dollars to move your business forward?  Call Today and get $100 of free Google ads


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