The $150 SEO From India Bait and Switch Email

Every day clients forward to us messages from India or the Phillipines or some where else asking us if those bargain SEO services work. Maybe you have received an email that looks like this too:
SEO), Link building and all Internet Services.
We are outsourced vendor for many reputed SEO agency based in USA, UK, Canada and Australia, over 3 years experience in the domain
We have a dedicated team of 80 professionals to serve you in building appropriate links and developing SEO.

Most firms overseas have achieved a significant amount of savings by Outsourcing either complete or part of their work to us in India.

Other Affordable “Search Engine Optimization Services” provided by us:
1. Complete SEO Packages
2. 100% Organic Search Engine Optimization
3. Link Building Campaigns
4. Manual Directory Submission
5. Keyword Analysis
6. Comprehensive Site Analysis and Audit
7. Article Marketing
8. Press Release Translation and Distribution
9. Social Media Marketing
10. Consulting for Online Marketing Strategies

Take advantage of our highly successful “Internet Marketing Service” at very Affordable Prices.

If you have any query, we will be more than happy to provide you our quick assistance.


Does this look familiar?

It does to many of our customers, including the one that sent this to us recently. We built a special account to try and contact these types of people to see what happens. Mostly nothing, a couple we hired. The reality is that these simple techniques are a lead in to bigger and more expensive services. They might do some good, but there isn’t any way to monitor or measure the progress, and you really do need to do more.

As the search engines make changes to limit “over SEO’d” web pages from making it to the top, you need a smarter and more localized approach.

Just like owning a business, there is another element to success with any SEO program,  followup.  If they just pound away at the keyboard, and your business changes, what happens to their work?  It is wasted.  An SEO must be able to follow the company, and have an account manager that knows the business and the customer.

So What Makes Fire Rock SEO services by the Bourquin Group different?

We’ll start off with full disclosure, Fire Rock SEO does use overseas contractors for many of the services listed in those emails like manual directory submission. This means we are paying someone to log into search directories such as DMOZ and tell them about your website. Where our overseas contractors finish is where the real work begins.

But Aren’t There programs to submit to search engines and directories automatically?

Yes and No. The more trusted directories have anti-robot software, so even if you use a program to automatically submit to thousands of directories, your site may not ever get posted. Submission is the starting point, posting is what you really need, and the only way any SEO including Fire Rock SEO can get those postings is to manually submit your website and information about your business.

OK, So can’t those guys that send me the email do that for $150 a month? Why is your base program $875 per month?

We’ll let one secret out of the bag here. We can’t prove it, but results are better when you participate and play along with Google, Yahoo and Bing. Part of that $875 is used for advertising via the big three and paying them for ads. We find that buying ads increases several key metrics that we use to monitor how search engines see your website and therefore your business. That is just one little secret in a very big bag of tricks.

We also do some additional work that we feel is required to get your business into a position that will make the Fire Rock SEO campaign cost effective. If you spend $150 a month for those guys and your website doesn’t make a move, what is the point? At Fire Rock SEO, you are given your own login to our customer portal so after the initial 90 day startup, you can monitor the progress just like we do.

Remember the real goal is to get your website on page one and “above the fold”.

What is “above the fold”?

It is that area that appears on a normal sized screen without scrolling. Nearly 75% of clicks that occur on a search results page are on page one “above the fold”. 75% of all people don’t scroll to look past what is on your screen. This is where your website needs to be and that little short list of work in that $150 per month email won’t get you there.

What do the big guys do that you don’t?

First, we only take one client per category, per city or geographic area.

Second, we don’t promote our website with your ad money. That means we don’t use your money to buy you an ad on the big three that goes to a page on our website like Your ads will go to landing pages on your website, and city paired websites that link directly to your website. Your Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click Ads NEVER go to our website or a subdomain of our website. All that does is promote them, not you. Why pay for that?

Ok, so how do you keep your costs 30-60% lower than the big guys?

That is simple, we only have one very small location in Reno Nevada. All of our employees work from home all around the country so our overhead is very low. We use overseas labor where we can to further reduce our costs. Since we aren’t a public company we don’t have to pay all those lawyers and accountants, we have one law firm, and one accounting firm. We use online billing and auto payments on Paypal for most of our clients, further reducing costs. We bill each month in advance so if a customer doesn’t pay, we don’t have to spread that loss to all of our other clients. Finally, we don’t have stockholders demanding a higher profit or higher price, just the founder and a couple of partners who all want to help your business grow.

How come you only take one client per category per city?

This question is one that surprises us more than any other. Recently at a major SEO conference, becoming a “niche” SEO was touted as the way to make “real money”.

Here is a real world example of why we have this policy. There is an SEO that only focuses on Plastic Surgeons around the US and Canada. When they enter the market, and get the first Plastic Surgeon in a city to sign up, that guys business grows. Then they send out postcards to his competition.

There is only room for three Plastic Surgeons on page one of Google Search “above the fold”. So what do you think happens when the fourth doctors office in an area signs up for services? Exactly, one customer isn’t going to be on page one above the fold. The next thing they do is tell everyone the “competition” has heated up, so they need to pay more to stay on page one. The “niche” SEO company ends up with an auction environment that makes them more money and costs the clients more for the same results. They are pitting their own clients against each other to make higher profits. We don’t believe in that.

How come some “keywords” are more expensive than others to SEO?

The reality is like all advertising. The top spot is more difficult to get depending on the competition. For instance, let’s say you wanted to be the top website for the word “Coffee”. You are competing with everyone from the owners of Folger’s to Starbucks(tm) and Dunkin Donuts(tm). We can get you to page one in 3-5 months but it will take a big check to get you there, well over $10,000 per month, and possibly $25,000 or more. We can’t quote it until we know who the customer is, but that range gives you a good idea.

If on the other hand, you want to be number one for “organic coffeshop in Tustin California” the competition is a lot less. In fact even if the big chains have a coffee shop in Tustin, they won’t focus on the keyword of “Tustin”, only “coffee” and maybe “organic coffee”.

So how do I choose which keywords to use?

It us usually better to start with your maximum budget and work backwards from there. We look at your website first, and it’s current traffic. Then we look at the potential traffic of at least 50 keywords, and select anywhere from 5-20 keywords based on the search volume and competition. We’ll go over a simple spreadsheet that is color coded based on the cost to achieve page one above the fold for your website and business. Then based on the volume of traffic and your budget a campaign is built. Although we have campaigns for basic and advanced keyword groups, we do allow a mix and will customize your keyword package accordingly. We do also offer campaigns for larger companies and franchises with custom pricing.

What is a Local Business Listing Campaign and do I need one?

Local business listing is a big piece in the foundation of any internet presence program. These campaigns make sure all of your company information at dozens of large local search directories like Manta, Yelp, and Google places is correct and consistent. Little things like posting different hours of operation at two of these sites can be damaging to an SEO program.

Every business needs one, and it is something many can also handle on their own. All of our clients who chose to do it on their own get the exact same checklist that we use. Many see the checklist and add Local Business listing to their SEO program. It isn’t hard, but it is very time consuming.

How do I get started?

It is easy, email us at and be sure to include your name, phone number and website. If you don’t have one, tell us about your business, we can build one very inexpensively.


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