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SEO Services for Small Business that get you on the small screen the Easy Way.

When you need SEO for Small Business and want to find the best, where do you look?  We think you are in the right place, but first before anyone can help with SEO, you need the right website hosting.

When it comes to website hosting, how do you pick the right company.  What does that have to do with SEO for small business? With all of the “free” deals and “easy templates”, The number one problem that brings us new customers is one of those companies that says something like “We’ll build you a free website, and if you don’t like it in 90 days you don’t pay”.

What those companies don’t tell you is they own your website, the contents and sometimes the domain name.  After you sign up you are kind of stuck.

There are a lot of website hosting places out there.  We recommend our partner company, and can work with just about any hosting company you choose.  Something specifically for website hosting and helping small business owners get a professional website and email address.  No more, and they are reliable and reasonably priced.  In 2019 as our client accounts expire we will be moving them to over to ionos servers.  We are still keeping all of our clients 100% wordpress.  With woocommerce and other simple plugins, it is hands down the easiest and most cost effective way for a small business to have a solid online presence.

Because having a website isn’t enough, we added SEO Service with plans for any size business.  Even if your businesses already has a website and email, you might still need affordable help right now to help potential new customers and even your old customers find your business online so you can succeed offline.  When you search for a business like yours, does your’s show up?  If not, The Bourquin Group can help.

The fine print is where they get you.  We have no fine print, just 20 plus years building websites and marketing online so you can connect with customers.  Of course we follow the ICANN rules that everyone is supposed to follow.  We have no contracts, you can stop at any time.  The one thing to know is that it can take anywhere from three to six months before results really show up.  Anything happening faster, is usually cheating the system and eventually your website will be blocked or sandboxed.

At The Bourquin Group, you choose the service you want that fits your budget.  Our hosting prices are among the lowest online and if you want to change your website you can.  Not happy with our service, you own it and we’ll even help you move it at no charge.  That’s how much we think you will like owning your own website better.

More importantly, if you don’t have the time to build or maintain your website, we offer website design and build programs that are tailored to our SEO plans.

Get started today, we’ll upload and configure wordpress for free within two business days of you signing up, if you don’t have time to do it yourself.  There is also a one click button so you can get started and do it yourself today.

You own your business, shouldn’t you own your website?  At BG, our people at all of our companies know that we work for you, not the other way around.  All of our services are built to build your business.  If we do our job right you’ll tell your friends and that is how we build ours.  It has worked for us since 1995.  Now put our experience to work for you!


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