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Your online presence is a lot more than Search Engine Optimization. When you do everything else right, SEO is built right in, so you don’t need to pay for it separately. Online content, cross linking, press releases, Website Management and email management are all available with our Digital Marketing Plans.

Our Digital Marketing Plans are very simple, We do all the research, and make sure that your ads land in front of qualified potential new clients. We do not attempt to increase traffic for the sake of traffic, we increase relevance to get in front of the potential new customers. Being number one for your own name when no one searches for it is useless. Being number 50 in a highly competitive keyword area like “best accident lawyer” with millions of monthly searches can be very expensive.

The secret is to really know your customer and what they think they are looking for when searching for a business like yours.

Custom Plans

One Hour Monthly Consulting Call
Monthly Website Guest Posts
Monthly Press Releases
Five Social Media Posts
Website Traffic Reporting
Inbound Traffic Analysis
DNS security management
Mobile Apps & More

Additional Services

Website management
Website development
Mobile App Development
Expert Videos
Hosted Q&A Videos
YouTube Channel Management
Vimeo Management
Roku Channel Development and Management
Software and app development
Social media management
Training and consulting
Onsite* and Remote network management in Orange County California

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure which plan is right for you?  Here are some of the questions we hear the most often when new clients sign up.

When Will I See Results?

Always the first question, and it usually takes 30 days for us to split test ads and make changes with the first new customers calling in between days 30 and 60, with solid results beginning about 90 days later.

Do You Have A Minimum Contract?

At the Bourquin Group, we do not have any minimum contracts for our monthly SEO and Local Search plans.  You can stop at any time.  Keep in mind that as soon as you stop progress may begin to reverse.  SEO in an everchanging science mixed with a little art.

Can I Buy Services a’la Carte?

You can however for SEO and local search to be the most effective, you need a coordinated effort.  If you have in house staff we can work with them to insure that everything works together for the best customer experience.

Our Franchise Has It’s Own Marketing and Website, Can you Still Help?

In most cases the answer is yes.  If your franchise company or POS vendor has your website integrated with their martketing there may still be ways we can help.  Some of that depends on what their usage restrictions are.

Our Main Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly, Can You Fix It?

Yes! Some integrated systems just can’t keep p with mobile requirements so we can build a mobile friendly front end or even a mobile app to keep your customers coming back.

I Spend All Day Working At My Business, How Do I Get Time For Marketing?

There are two problems with that question.  If you aren’t marketing you aren’t growing your business.  Second if you are working in your business, you don’t have a business, you have a job you own.  If you want to change that we can help.

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