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Home Podcast

Once again this Success on the Beach Podcast mirrors the video about getting more free time as a small business owner.  If you read the “Four Hour Work Week” and thought “yeah right”, well maybe it’s time to rethink your business just a little. Scott knows you can’t cut back to four hours a week ..
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Early in my computer programming career I learned the term LDA which stood for Load the Accumulator.  Many years later my secretary asked me what to do with a bill and I said “Toss it on the Accumulator”.  I was thinking in computer terms and she laughed and said “When they call, how much later?”.  

Life has a way of keeping us very busy, and at the end of the day we wonder where the time went.  Are you too busy to get the things done that matter?  Are you taking care of business or just busy? There is a HUGE difference between being busy, and taking care of business. ..
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