Should You Start Your Own YouTube Channel?

Starting Your Own YouTube Channel is easy, but does that mean you should start a YouTube Channel?

When I was a kid in Los Angeles there were maybe a dozen TV stations.  That is all we had for entertainment.  Well that and the front yard, the street, the park, you get the idea.  Today there are over 300 channels on my TV.  I pay over $100 a month for TV and you know what I watch?  About 8 channels, if even that.

Everything I want to watch is online.  We have an Apple TV on every TV in the house and a Roku on one as a back up.  Anything I can see on my computer I can see on my big TV.

When you think about YouTube, there are millions of channels.  The internet democratized entertainment and education, and it also removed just about all control.  That means there is a lot of false and misleading information out there.  Nobody really controls the content. Paradise Landing Productions, Affordable Video Services

So if you put your needle in the haystack that is YouTube and the internet video world, a. will you be found and b. will you be trusted.

Sadly people believe all kinds of crazy things they see on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean they trust the person on the screen.  Video is challenge, but done right, it is one of the best tools for your sales funnel.

What, no sales funnel?  We can help with that.  Until then, start thinking about the top ten problems you solve for your customers.  You just titled your first ten videos.

For now don’t worry if you aren’t Ted Turner selling millions on YouTube, just start creating videos that help your customers solve problems, come back here and we’ll help you find more of those customers.

You aren’t creating commercials, you are educating customers on how you are going to help them solve their problems.  Then when you do ned to fine tune that sales funnel or create one, you will have some content to deliver that has value to your customers and potential new customers.

We think that video is so important, we created Paradise Landing Productions to help busy small business owners create great videos without breaking the bank.  It isn’t that hard to do yourself, and if you do it right that will be the best way to gain trust and reach more customers.

If you aren’t sure what you need to create a video, check out this post about video creation.