Our Studio has upgraded again.  As you know at BG.Marketing we believe that video is the best way to reach customers, and get the word out about your business, your product or your message.  With that in mind we created Paradise Landing Productions.  We knew that nothing less than a TV broadcast grade studio setup would be required to make your company look its best.

It doesn’t matter if you are a law firm, plumber, pastry shop or sell toys online.  When your video is better quality and stands out from the crowd, customers know your product or service is also the best.  Since we created the studio five years ago, we have been constantly improving it.  Making our studio exactly what we need to get the job done without breaking budgets.

XF205 Broadcast ready Video Camera in our studio

Our Studio Camera, TV Ready

Many times video is your potential new customers first impression.  Bad video, bad audio, bad writing can all turn them away making your first impression your last.  That is never good for business and all of our studio upgrades will help you look better.

The Broadcast TV industry figured that out a long time ago.  If quality didn’t matter, TV would already be dead.  Quality matters, and now with hi-res phones and noise cancelling headsets, even mobile viewers can tell a good video from a bad one.

Everyday millions of videos are uploaded creating the largest pile of hay ever imagined.  Don’t toss any video into that giant haystack, create a video that is one giant needle, our SEO department will make sure you video is found, not lost in the millions of hourly uploaded cat videos.

Don’t make bad video, and don’t get lost in the giant online world of video.  Make a good call, and call us at 949-272-0611 and lets talk about how you and your company can look great.  Would you rather email first and have us call you?  We can do that too, email Chloe@BG.Marketing and she’ll make sure the right person calls you.  Don’t forget to tell her what times and days work best for you.