Are you hash tagging correctly??

“Mommy, why does the telephone have a hashtag?  You said you didn’t have twitter when you were little” – anonymous child.

Hash tags, the staple of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media posts.  But are you using them correctly.  With over 30 years in the internet marketing business, we have seen it all.  It isn’t that the people selling those “systems” to get your posts to number one are purposely misleading you,  I just think they don’t know.

All of the companies within the Bourquin Group family, have one mission.  Help your small business compete with the big guys and grow.  Yes, we believe it is possible and our business depends on the success of your business.

This week my wife had a class with a guy who had all kinds of information about marketing her work online.  She is a voice actor and photographer.  When she brought home his brochure and started asking questions, of course I wanted to hand her my book The Easy Guide To Internet Marketing then I realized that the world has already changed since then and it was time for an update to the book.

While I am working on an update to the book, I decided that in the mean time I could offer a video update.  So we sat down and shot a video that I will get online soon.

For now, if you know what keyword stuffing is, hashtags can be overused too.  The highlights of the video:

  1. Post with a purpose or don’t post.
  2. What is a #Hashtag and #HowToUseIt
  3. Use mentions when you can.

Posting about yourself has three levels.  First, you can pull a Kardashian and show off.  Second you can let people in on your personal life.  This helps potential customers get to know you.  Finally, it can show people how you help others.

95% of the people in the first category, simply waste time showing off, stroking their ego and try to outshine their friends.  Don’t be that guy!

If you want to learn more check out the video next week.