Content is King, Are You Providing Enough?

Content is King.  At least that what Google, Yahoo, Bing and many SEO companies are saying.  But what does that really mean?  What is content.  Technically more search happens on Facebook and YouTube than Google, and Google can’t index a photo or video on it’s own (yet).  So what exactly should you be doing for “content”?

Google has changed the game again with the “Google My Business” or GMB panel, chasing the way we look at content when we say Content is King.

Until recently here at the Web services and SEO group at Bourquin Group, we have been saying that once a month was the absolute minimum for a business to post new content to it’s website.  I know it sounds flighty, but that is the nature of our world.  Does a Chevy Dealer really change every month?  Is there really something new there?  The answer is really no, it is just a different “Special” that is highlighted.

The small businesses that we work for have been spared from this until now.  Google has pretty clearly said they want something new every week with the recent change to the Google My Business or GMB panel.

If you own a cupcake shop this is really simple.  Just take a photo of a different cupcake flavor, offer a free scoop of ice cream with every six purchased and change the cupcake every week.  Car dealers have been doing this in the Sunday paper for years.  Google is really trying to monetize the Search Engine Results Pages or SERP’s and this is just one more way to do it.  Now your weekly post can be your ad update.  More Content required by Google? Yes, and that has really been the case for years, but now even Google has put a number on the amount of content you need.  “Content is King”, is not marketing fluff from your website host or SEO.  Content is what people want to see, and therefore it is what Google is asking you for.  The machine is hungry.

There is some good news to this as the secondary directories like Yelp!, FourSquare and even Facebook, like new specials at least once a month, and some already were on the weekly update bandwagon.  Now you have a simple rule to follow.

Don’t have the time to get a weekly special posted?  Call us at 949-272-0611 or email, and we’ll spend a few minutes to set up three or six months in advance, we’ll take the photos, make the videos and get it posted for you all at a very reasonable rate.  30% off if you are an existing SEO customer and 10% off if your website is hosted at

Google my Business is free app that makes it easier for you to take charge of your content.