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FireRock Online Web Hosting for Small Business

FireRock.Online – Website Hosting, email and online marketing that is affordably priced and easy to set up.  The BourquinGroup no longer hosts websites directly.  It’s your website, you own it, not us.  Don’t let those “Free Website” deals lure you into a long term contract where you lose your website or have to pay big money for a low budget website.  The easy way for small business to get on line and own your online presence.






Kuhl Toys Logo 1

Kühl Toys – Our show about exactly what the name says, Kühl Toys.  We scour the internet and the shelves (yes we still leave the office to go shopping, I mean have you been to the as seen on TV store?) and look for the Kühlest stuff.  We follow $500 race cars and
Porsches on the track, we fix up Jeeps and test wearables.  We even bought twelve cell phones that were the size of a watch.  We tested them until they ALL failed, but one did take a pretty good beating before giving up.




Easy Guide To Online Marketing

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Easy Guide Books – Exactly what the name says.  Easy Guides to help you get more out of your business so you can spend more time enjoying your life.








Paradise Landing Productions – A complete Video and Audio Production studio that can create Broadcast ready commercials and audio programs for your website, online advertising and television or radio.  Paradise Landing Productions is the production company for Tech-Tac-Dough.